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Divorce is a life altering decision for all parties involved. Here at McCoy Law Firm in Rock Hill, SC our divorce attorneys will help you figure out the right course of action to take in preserving not only your future, but your assets as well. If you are facing the reality of divorce, it is crucial to obtain the right legal counsel that can help get you what you need. Some of the areas of Family Law we will assist you in are:


  • Child custody and support - This is one of the most contentious parts of divorce proceedings. The most important consideration for child custody purposes is what is in the child’s best interest. South Carolina courts can order joint or sole custody and can designate a primary custodial parent. McCoy Law Firm will advocate for your rights to your children and help put a functional parenting plan in place. Typically, monetary support is based on parental income, number of children, and the number of days each party has custody of the children.


  • Spousal support and alimony - At times it is necessary for one spouse to provide the other with monetary support. This support may be temporary or long-term depending on the particular situation of the parties. A few factors that are assessed to determine spousal support and alimony include length of the marriage, age of both parties involved, physical and mental well-being, education levels, earning capacity, fault, and agreements between the parties.


  • Division of property/assets/debts - Including retirement accounts and 401K’s, McCoy Law Firm will work hard to get the results you deserve and preserve the property you worked hard to acquire. While some assets remain the property of one party, others may be distributed as decided by the court. It will be determined when the assets and debts were accrued, why the assets and debts were accrued, and use of the assets and debts during the marital relationship.


We have only touched upon the many factors that go into determining the outcomes of divorce proceedings. McCoy Law Firm can make this transition easier by guiding you with expert legal advice, providing options, and considering your unique circumstances and desires.


What you do today can impact your life in unseen ways, so why wait?


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