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South Carolina Passes Homeowners Association Act

A new Homeowners Association Act has been passed into South Carolina legislation and will affect certain aspects of HOAs. 

Could Your Non-Disclosure Actually be a Non-Compete?

An analysis of Fay v. Total Quality Logistics, LLC, op. no. 5471,  a South Carolina Court of Appeals opinion finding a non-disclosure to be overly broad and unenforceable for failing to include a duration limit. 

Importance of Registered Trademarks

There are many reasons why a business should register its trademarks or service marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"). Registration with USPTO will add value to your company, protect your brand, and may influence how you operate globally.  

Operating Agreements Should Address Goodwill

After a 2015 South Carolina Supreme Court decision, all Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, and Partnership Buy-Sell Agreements in South Carolina should address how the owners or parties want to handle the valuation of "enterprise goodwill" of the business.

Federal Overtime Law Blocked by Texas Court

The Department of Labor's Final Rule that would have extended overtime pay to 4.2 million American workers earning below $47,476 annually has been placed on hold. 

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